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EarnWell is a responsible investing app for people who care what their money supports. We make it simple to invest in companies that care about diversity, environmental sustainability, and LGBTQ equality.

What EarnWell supports

Diversity &

All companies in your EarnWell portfolio have been screened for diversity at the highest levels of corporate leadership. Hiring women, minorities and others with diverse backgrounds is not just the right thing to do — numerous studies show that diverse management teams make better decisions and more diverse companies earn higher profits.

Equal rights
for all

All companies in the EarnWell 100 support LGBTQ rights, and 95% have earned a perfect 100 score on the Corporate Equality Index published by the Human Rights Campaign Foundation.


EarnWell does not invest your money in ANY fossil fuel producer. In addition to divesting your portfolio from Big Oil, we also seek out companies that are doing the most to use renewable energy, reduce waste and increase recycling. The EarnWell 100 is 80% less carbon intensive than the S&P 500.

Simple, smart investing for less than you spend on a coffee

  • 01100 socially responsible publicly traded companies
  • 02$1/month management fee for accounts less than $2,500
  • 03 0.5% management fee for accounts over $2,500
  • 04$100 minimum investment
  • 05A fully-diversified investment product

The EarnWell 100

Our research focuses on selecting the 100 most responsible public companies we can find, a group of stocks we call the EarnWell 100. Research shows that responsible investments tend to outperform those that are not screened for responsible characteristics. So you don't have to give up performance to feel good about where your money is going.

  • 01Feel good about where your money goes without sacrificing returns
  • 02A fully-diversified portfolio of stocks and government bonds
  • 03100 publicly traded companies from all sectors except oil/gas
  • 04Each company is screened using 149 metrics to assess corporate responsibility
  • 05Full transparency of every stock you own

Make money moves

Initial investment


Monthly deposit



Savings account


35 years

This chart illustrates compound earnings over time, actual returns will differ. We assume a 6% annual increase in markets with a constant portfolio allocation. Savings account returns are based on a national average according to the FDIC as of May 14, 2018.

Serious security

Every bit of your personal information is secured and fully protected. Brokerage services provided by Third Party Trade LLC, Member FINRA & SIPC, which protects brokerage customers of its members for up to $500,000.